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20% of global construction




EMCON a French constructive process

Our principle of construction is based on a perfectly compact assembly of profiles made of light steel, these are shaped from flat rollers generally ranging from 1.0 to 2 mm thick unlike that of traditional heavy steel which composes the skeleton of our industrial buildings has been around for a very long time.


This light steel process is not a very recent process since it has been implemented on American soil for twenty years, this principle of light steel structure construction has now reached Europe and France , it is starting to interest many real estate developers


Indeed, its perfect resistance technique allowing construction up to R + 5, its speed of assembly as well as its reduced cost, position this principle of construction as a competitive competitor compared to other techniques, the European code integrates this steel in class 4 and resumes all stability calculations.


This construction system is economical and lasts much longer, according to the longevity tests carried out to date for steel, it is estimated that the life of steel is around 180 years, in addition, all steel profiles being coated , this further extends its lifespan.


• It ensures rapid and economical construction,

• The duration of construction is not affected by climatic conditions,

• For changing weather conditions, it provides varied and very economical solutions while ensuring high energy efficiency

• It is the most earthquake resistant construction known in the world

• Thanks to its lightness, it can even be used for construction on land with poor soil conditions

• It can be used in all countries applying international standards

• It offers unparalleled benefits in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability

• It provides great flexibility and simplified solutions at the architectural, electrical and mechanical level

• It provides users with many possibilities of physical construction (heat, noise, humidity and other factors such as solar rays)

• It offers superior longevity

• Its design is columnless and beamless, so it offers ease of interior design and decoration allowing more spacious interiors

• It is the best solution for obtaining healthy air in buildings

• It does not affect the site, the environment or even the quality of social life

• During construction, it saves water and preserves the environment, it reduces the risks of pollution of water sources and groundwater

• It is more than 90% recyclable material.


- Designed for its quick assembly


Our concept makes it possible to build 100m² of floor area including the walls and the roof frame in 10 working days on site (ready to install). This time saving can be converted into a financial value (interim interest earned over time)


- Designed for resistance to natural elements


Our steel concept combines flexibility and robustness to overcome the seismic and cyclonic constraints up to category 5 required in certain territories or overseas departments. (Refer to the principle of construction of large towers made in metal construction)



- Designed to respond to light weight


Our concept composed of light and vacuum profiles allows it to be carried by all types of terrain while retaining a recognized solidity for lowering loads (traditional linear concrete foundations or foundations on micro-piles)


- Designed for its ease of technical adaptation


Our Concept can combine all the technical constraints with the character of the architectural design of traditional construction or that of the contemporary allowing thus to realize larger comfortable spaces (spans of our beams going up to 8 linear meters without post).


- Designed to integrate an Urban or Rural environment


Our Concept makes it possible to receive all types of coverings such as: plaster finish of any kind - PVC slat covering - wood paneling finish - lacquered or brushed metal covering - Green Roof.

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